Let’s admit it..

We all like eating junk food

VJFB is the new vegan hotspot in Amsterdam and there’s no doubt about it.. there’s no vegan place like this! From now on offering a variety of mouthwatering vegan takes on comfort food and more from THREE LOCATIONS. Each location has its own awesome menu and atmosphere. It is definitely worth trying all.

At Staringplein (West) is a Vegan Junk Food BurgerBar located. It is a burger joint where you can choose from a variety of plant-based takes as our NOTORIOUS SUMO burger, BLACK DADDY Mc CHICKEN, the Loaded VJFB FRIES AKA ‘KAPSALON’, Amsterdam BITTERBALLEN and many more.

At Marie Heinekenplein (De Pijp) as well at the Eerste Van Swindenstraat (East) is the VJFB RESTAURANT located. It’s a vegan restaurant where you can choose from a variety of SPECIALS next to our famous mouthwatering plant-based takes. Here you’ll be served at your table in a dining atmosphere by our superhero hosts.

Come around and you’ll be amazed!



Our Story

Vegan Junk Food Bar is the next big vegan thing in the world. We believe that using plant based alternatives can have a huge benefit on our health, animals and our planet.. besides this we know that eating Junk food is one of the biggest pleasures in life.

We are convinced there’s no reason why we can’t have both and therefore we want to make it available for everybody without compromising on taste.