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At VJFB™ the environment is central to us. At the same time, with our mission, we are making a major contribution to a better environment in food production. A lot of water is needed to make animal products. We limit the CO2 or water footprint through our plant-based concept. Plant-based food has a positive effect on deforestation, ocean pollution and animal suffering in the world. Every time 1 plant-based meal is consumed at VJFB™, 2.000 liters of water, 1.4 m2 of forest, 2.25 kg CO2 and 1 animal life is saved!

Please see our full mission statement here.

Packaging materials

We are integrally and constantly looking for the best solutions with regard to the environment, for all our brand materials. We see this as an integral part of everything we do and we like to choose environmentally friendly solutions. Our packaging is certified and contributes to sustainable forestry. Endangered natural areas are protected and new forests are planted once the forests are cleared. We work with suppliers who ensure the right delivery conditions throughout the supply chain – from the moment the saw blade is inserted into the wood until the paper arrives in our stores. Our Green Mission is evolving. It’s an ongoing process in which we strive to no longer regard packaging as residual waste after opening, but as basic material for a new (packaging) product.