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Ingredients overview

This is especially for all our VJFB fans who wonder what our tasty dishes are made of.


Probably when enjoying our iconic VJFBurgers the first thought that came to mind might have been “Wow how is this 100% vegan? What is it made of?” Most of our VJFB NOMEAT- and ZEAFOOD are made out of soy Protein, with the exception of:

  • - The HEPPI RIBS are made out of Pea Protein.
  • - The MC KROQUET consists Wheat Protein
  • - Our FLAMBOYANT SHRIMPZ main ingredient is Potato Starch
  • - The famous FRESH SASHIMI is made out of Tapioca Starch



It’s no secret that our MAC & CHEEZE BETTERBALLS are made out of Macaroni but did you know that it also includes Soy Protein, Potato and Wheat Starch?

And what about our PNUT THAI CHIK'N BETTERBALLS? These are made out of Peanut Butter, Chili Peppers and Lemon grass. Our PIZZA DOUGH contains Wheat Flour, Peeled Tomatoes and Cornstarch and VJFB Mozacheeze. Finally, our NACHOS contain Corn Flour, Sunflower Oil and Salt.



How is it possible for our CHEEZE to be vegan? Tastes even better than the traditional cheese itself? Fear no more, we are going to let in on our little secret. Our VJFB CHEEZE is made out of Refined Coconut Oil, Potato and Pea Starch and Sea Salt, but ssssst don’t tell anyone.



Our BREAD is made out of  Wheat Flour, Sesame Seeds, Salt and Sugar. The colors in our breads are made of plant based extracted from fruit and veggies.



Sauces, sauces, sauces! Well the basics of our sauces are Sunflower Oil, Vinegar and Potato Starch. The unique colors are added by plant based extracts from fruits and veggies.



If you are like us and have ABS, ABSolutely no self-control when it comes to dessert, you might wonder “what is this yummy vegan dessert made of?” Well Our heavenly delicious BETTER PNUT BUTTER is made out of Peanuts, Soya Oil, Cocoa Butter and Vegetable Fat. Our TROPICAL BUBA consists of Passion Fruit, Mango Extract and Blueberry. Last but not least, our luscious CHOCOZITO includes Raspberries, Cacao Powder and Strawberries.