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VJFB™ Mission


VJFB™ is an innovative future-forward vegan junk food restaurant with a new way of thinking about sustainability. One where we believe that a plant based lifestyle is the only ethical option for our planet, our habitants and our health. Call us rebels with a cause!


We have proudly worked our magic over the years to re-frame and re-brand vegan dishes to become not only accessible but also cult-like for all generations, as well as to carnivores who would happily substitute a plant-based VJFBurger for a animal based one.


Did you know that about one third of CO2 emissions are caused by food production? And that it takes a lot of water to produce animal products? Water consumption is one of the arguments to make clear that consuming plant-based food is sustainable. It’s a good way to limit your CO2 or water footprint. A plant-based lifestyle also has a positive effect on deforestation, ocean pollution and animal suffering in the world.


It takes about 15,000 liters of water to grow and process 1 kilogram of beef, while raising chickens for chicken meat costs a good 4,000 liters per kilogram and it takes 196 liters of water to consume one egg. That’s a whole lot of water! Compare that to 287 liters of water per kilo of potatoes and we rest our case. By consuming 1 plant-based meal at VJFB™ you save on 2.000 liters of water, 1.4m2 deforestation, 2.25 kilogram CO2 and 1 animal life.


Are you worried about your protein intake? Don't worry, we got you. All of our veggie ‘meats’ are high in protein and generate fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGE) than conventional meats.


We are of equal worth. Let’s shift consumption of animals to plants together and enjoy junk food without harming our planet. Join our movement #EATFORTHEPLANET and create impact to contribute to a VJFBetter climate!