Not all menu items are available at all locations

Allergy information

Gluten-free options are marked with a . Some garnishes may contain gluten so always inform your server you want the gluten free option

  Gluten-containing Cereals Lupine (rich in protein and phytosterols) Mustard Nuts Peanuts Celery Sesame Seeds Soya
Burgers X   X     X X  
Shoarma X X   X X X X X
Onion Rings X         X X  
Bitterballen X X   X X   X X
Caesar Salad X   X       X  
Flashy House X           X X
Sliced & Crushed Cheese                
Daddy Chik'n X   X     X X  
True Corn Chik'n Tortilla X     X X X X X
Mediterranean Springrolls X     X X   X X
Flashy Loaded Fries X         X X  
Golden Seaweed Nuggets             X X
Loaded Fries AKA Kapsalon X X X   X X X X X
Nuggets X   X     X X  
Red Velvet X     X X     X
Ice Creams                
Caesar Dressing X   X          
Rainbow Bagels X              
Mexican Bitterballen X              
Cocos Thai kroket X              
Croissant X             X
Original VJFB Sauce           X X  
Spicy VJFB Sauce           X X  
Garlic Sauce             X  
Truffle Sauce             X  
Ketchup           X X  
Seaweed Sauce     X       X X
Mayo             X  
Mustard     X       X  
Croutons X           X  

X = Produced in a company where these allergens are being processed
X = Fried Onion mix
X = Garnish
At Vegan Junk Food Bar, none of our products contain milk, eggs, crustaceans, fish, molluscs or sulfur dioxide / sulphite